What is a wiki?

"Communities can't be manufactured, but you can design the conditions under which they are most likely to emerge, and encourage their growth when they do" (Rheingold, 1998).

  • Social software
  • Collaboratively create, edit, discuss, and share multimedia content online using a web browser
  • Free, online
  • Small fees for additional features such as ad-free spaces (except for educators), a customized appearance, or increased security options
  • Simple sign-up


  • Websites - Centralized, usually a single author/editor, audience cannot edit, presentational communication to an unknown audience
  • Blogs - Chronological, multiple authors possible (but not typical), audience can comment but not edit, limited interpersonal communication
  • Wikis - Distributed, multiple authors, audience can edit content and structure, simultaneous presentational, interpretive, and interpersonal communication possible

Who uses wikis?


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