The Whats, Whys, and Wows of Wikis in World Language Education

Cindy Kendall, Ingham Intermediate School District, Mason, MI
Cherice Montgomery, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Description: Wikis are free, online spaces that you can use to advocate, communicate, connect, collaborate, and innovate. In this session, you'll explore wikis that are being used for a variety of purposes and consider how you might adapt these ideas for your own teaching and research.

[Note: For a more scholarly, expanded treatment of this information, visit Wikis in the World Language Classroom: Transforming Teaching, Learning, & Teacher Preparation with Technology]

Guiding Questions:

  • What is a wiki and how does it differ from a standard website or content management system?

  • How are wikis transforming possibilities for learning, teaching, and professional development in K-12 world language education?

  • How might world language educators use wikis to initiate, implement, and sustain transformative educational and social change in world language education?


Explore how teachers from a variety of grade levels, languages, and content areas are using wikis in innovative ways to:

  • communicate with parents and community members
  • design motivating learning environments and materials
  • engage students in social issues
  • evaluate student progress
  • facilitate student clubs and professional learning communities
  • improve personal productivity and organization
  • participate in collaborative interclass, interschool, and international projects
  • scaffold the development of student writing
  • support action research and professional development
  • transform what it means to teach, learn, and understand!